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   "God is closer than the very air we breath!" This is a favorite by-line of mine as it reminds me that no matter what I do, big or small, God is always present to me. St. Benedict taught his monks that whether in prayer, work, or study (big or small) God is present to us, even closer than the very air we breath, in every daily task -- even painting classrooms.

   I believe that God calls us to help everyone find moments where we may experience the Presence of God.​ To help us realize that God is in the very midst of us, and God invites us to find our own ministry as we live out our baptismal vows in faith, hope and love, excluding no one.

 --Fr. Gerard Klingenberg+


Fr. Gerard helps with campus beautification
Parish members rejoice in worship and fellowship



St. Ambrose Episcopal Church has been serving  southeast Ft. Lauderdale for more than fifty years. During this time, our parish has changed much, adapting to the surroundings of local community. We have had our "ups" and our "downs". We have experienced growth and decline. But in the midst of it all: God is present to us. God's miracles are ever present.

We are a small and mighty band of God. We gather together to worship a God of Love; A God of Inclusivity, a God without walls, a God of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We gather because we believe that Love is the source that binds us all together.

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